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Discovering New Music ‘Le Mellotron: Fakear’

One of my favorite discoveries this year was a YouTube series called ‘Le Mellotron‘.   Straight from their ‘About’ page:

“Since 2012, Le Mellotron has been streaming from a roaming studio on the banks of the river Seine. Now re-located in a bar, in the vibrant area of République, Le Mellotron is a true community and underground radio station, broadcasting content that will appeal to all beats & melodies lovers.”

I was looking around for some Jonwayne videos, and found this session.  It was so good, I kept watching, and next up was Fakear.  If you’ve never listened to this guy, I highly recommend you open a tab with this video, right now!

If you are working on something, and need an excellent soundtrack to help you focus and keep motivated, this is your soundtrack.  Enjoy!

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I ♥ Powerpoint

I’ve been trying to find a video of David Byrne’s art piece called ‘I Love Powerpoint’ for some time now.  Instead, I found this interview on, which I’m embedding here.  It’s an interesting listen, and a way for me to test our embed code.

Leuchtturm 1917 Whitelines Link Review

I was looking for the perfect notebook, one that had the following traits: Grid/dotted pages – so I can write or make diagrams without battling lines Sits flat, so you’re not fighting to keep pages still Bridges some magical analog / digital gap and makes it easy to capture and share notes Some gimmicky feature that appeals to the […]

Let’s check out Soundcloud

I wrote and recorded this a few years back, and am hoping to get back into composing and producing more.  This song took about 2 months to finish, but it’s one of the rare projects that came out the way I had originally intended.  I’m hoping to get motivated to do more, feel free to download, […]

Picture Book

In this lesson we play with Instagram! [insta-gallery id=”1″] I found this plugin to be super intuitive, and the easiest to set up! It’s called Instagram Gallery by Karan Singh. I recommend it 😀

Post #3

Learn to listen before talking.  Words of wisdom?  Nah, just a random post, #3 to be exact!


Be grateful.  It can always be worse. Here’s a bunch of music I should learn to play on the piano, a nice repertoire and because my memory is shite, I have created yet another playlist to keep track of things I want to learn! Enjoy.

Santa Clara

A picture of Santa Clara, Cuba and my Spotify embed test. Enjoy this playlist that I created for my friends at NPR during ‘Women’s History Month’